How to energy proof your home.

In this day and age you need to seriously start thinking about how to retain the heat in your home and not use so much energy.  We cannot go on using the level of fossil fuels as we are. Whilst it is true that we are looking at ways to use alternatives like solar, wind and wave these are still in their infancy or possibly their troublesome teens to use the age analogy. How can you do more?

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Quite simply more than you think. The first thing is to turn down the thermostat and start wearing more jumpers. It will greatly reduce your energy bill in the process. Global temperatures are rising anyway and the winters in the UK are more mild and wet rather than cold. If you don’t have them already you should look to getting double glazing in the home as soon as you can. This will not only keep the heat in your home it will stop the cold getting in as well. While you’re at it you should look at a switching to an energy supplier that uses only green fuels.

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Check that you have insulation on the roof and cavity walls insulation as well. Again despite the initial cost the overall savings means it pays for itself. Finally, look at getting some Downlight Covers so that you can retain the heat from your lights.

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