How to feel at home when you are living overseas

Globalisation is showing no sign of slowing down, meaning more and more people are choosing to work abroad or relocate with their company. This might seem like a great adventure, and it usually is, but it can also be complicated and challenging.

How to feel at home when you are living overseas

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Do your research

Before you accept a position in another country, find out as much as you can about the area. Speak to anyone who has experience of the country and consider taking a short trip to gauge whether it is somewhere you will feel comfortable.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has a checklist to help people moving abroad; for example, it suggests visiting expat forums to research local customs and laws and to get a feel for the area. In addition to advising all the relevant authorities, it also suggests not rushing into buying a property; instead, take time to get to know your new environment.

Learn the local language

It sounds obvious but one of the quickest ways to feel part of your new community is to make an effort to speak the language of your host country. If you have time, sign up for a language course before you leave so that you can at least cover the basics.

Consult an expert

With the huge rise in globalisation, there are plenty of companies that can help to make your move straightforward. Your employer may decide to use an employee relocation company experienced in moving staff all around the world. It may be worth having a look at resources such as the DT Moving website, which have information on making any relocation seamless. Researching the tax system in your new home country is also a vital step, as is making provision for healthcare.

Relocation management services will make sure the employee and any family members who are moving with them can settle into their new environment as quickly as possible. Taking over many of the administrative tasks, such as visas, accommodation and schooling for children, such services mean that expats have more time to concentrate on keeping their family happy.

Keep some of your usual habits

Having made the move, don’t change everything in your life. Keeping up a regular hobby or interest will make you feel at home and provide a familiar feeling of life back in the UK.

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