How to Find the Right Shopfitting Company

You might have a great shop concept, but you need to find the best way to display your products and optimise the interior of your shiny new premises. Enter the shopfitter, who can provide and perhaps design the shelving, display cabinets and other shop furniture you require. Before you choose a shopfitting company, there are several things you need to consider…

How to Find the Right Shopfitting Company

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Firstly, you need to make your money work for you. You will find that often the most creative and innovate interiors are designed by up and coming companies who may not charge as much as the stalwarts of the industry, yet often provide more bang for your buck. It is worth looking at some more experimental solutions in order to tap into the young talent out there. Do your research and try not to penny pinch. You may have some outstanding products, but if they are not displayed well and your interior is not attractively and practically laid out, you won’t be providing your customers with the best possible retail experience.


If you find a supplier who tickles your fancy, make sure they guarantee their products. You need to be able to trust your supplier, and one of the best ways to ensure they are bona fide is to consult the NAS and have a look through their extensive database of professional shopfitters. Nothing beats going to a showroom to see and feel what you are buying, but if you can only view products online before purchasing, a guarantee and returns policy is essential.


It make sense that you try and find a local supplier if possible, so you can avoid logistical costs. So if you are, for example, looking to resolve a Dublin shopfitting dilemma, you would preferably prioritise Dublin shopfitting suppliers over ones from further afield. Local firms will know the market and have extensive knowledge of what styles and systems are trending in your area.


It is important that the supplier you choose not only has cutting edge products, but top notch customer service and sales staff. You should find them easy to work with and they should have a professional and detached approach to explaining and showcasing their products to you, without being on the hard sell. In other words, they need to demonstrate integrity and passion for their products.

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