How to hire an animation professional

So, you’ve decided you want to include some animation or infographics on your website? Smart move, but now you need to hire a professional animation company. This is a big task as any video on your site will be a reflection of your brand. It doesn’t have to be impossible though, if you follow these tips:

  1. Look at their portfolio

A company’s portfolio is the perfect way to view the quality of their previous work. Questions to ask yourself include:

Does their work fit well with your brand?

Are the graphics dynamic and smooth?

Is the sound easily understandable and of high quality?

Does the music fit, and does it sound good?

How does it make you feel?

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  1. How many projects have they completed?

A good animation business will have plenty of past projects to draw on and should have plenty of satisfied customers and glowing testimonials. It’s essential to find a company with experience as it’s your brand in their hands. For an Animated Explainer Video for your website, visit

  1. Watch the video

Your video must form a bond between your brand and those who view it. From the characters to the music and the storyline, everything needs to be just right to engage the viewer. If you’re worried that you don’t have the experience to know if it’s good quality or not, watch some videos and see how well you take in the message being conveyed.

  1. Consider the style

Decide what style suits your brand the best and then see if the animation company excel in this field. Styles include original, winsome, comedic and contemporary. Think about being consistent with your logo, website, colour scheme and ethos.

  1. Enthusiasm

Ideally, you want people as enthused and passionate about what you’re trying to achieve as you are. Those who love what they do will often produce great work. They should be proud of what they do and energetic about their projects. If you sense demotivation or a lack of drive, they won’t give their all to your project.

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  1. Voiceover standards

It’s not just past projects, experience, style and passion that’s important – you also need to be comfortable with the quality of the voiceover element of your video. These should always be provided by professional speakers with proper tone and command of language nuances and genre.

The voiceover must convey emotions believably and with no ambiguity. Great command of language is also key, for viewers to fully connect with what they’re seeing. An example is pronunciation. American English differs in pronunciation and vocabulary from British English, so if your market is the U.S, your voiceover should have a full command of the American accent and vocabulary.


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