How to Keep Your Office Smelling Fresh

If your office is a pleasant environment to be in, it’s a no-brainer that staff will be more productive. A big part of creating a positive office space is to make sure that it is smelling fresh.

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We recommend following these steps to keep your office smelling fresh.

Keep the Workspace Tidy

All workspaces should be kept neat. An office will start to smell if there are leftover plates, piles of paper and rubbish everywhere. It’s a big part of the formula that creates a bad office environment. Make sure that all of your staff are aware that the workspace should be kept tidy.

Remove Any Rubbish

Every office will have bins, and it’s quite easy to forget to empty them on occasion. However, it’s important that they are emptied, preferably daily, because a build-up of rubbish really impacts on the freshness of an office. If you notice that bins are being used to dispose of food, remind staff that it’s better they use the kitchen bin instead.

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Hire a Professional Cleaner

They know the importance of a fresh-smelling office. Hiring a commercial team can help you keep your office space really clean. Looking for a washroom supplier Gloucestershire? Visit simplehygienesolutions for commercial cleaning services.

Open the Windows

An office usually a lot of people in it, which leads to it feeling stuffy. Remember to open some of the windows at least once a day. It’s an easy and free way of freshening up the office. People also have been proven to work better when they’ve had a breath of fresh air.

Add Some Flowers

Flowers in an office are a great idea. They add a nice scent and also a very positive and welcoming environment for staff and visitors. If you want to invest in something that lasts a little longer than flowers, there are plenty of office plants like palm trees that come highly recommended because of the air purification they provide.

Make a Cup of Tea

If your meeting room is smelling a bit stale, there’s a quick fix that you can take into your next meeting. Make a cup of peppermint tea! This leaves a really nice smell in the room and has been shown to have soothing qualities. Perfect for those tense business negotiations.

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