How to Make Your Church Stand Out

Most churches want to attract more visitors and guests as they hold services each week in the local community. The church’s ability to stand out in the local area significantly influences how much they succeed and thrive. When you want your church to stand out amongst other establishments, there are several tips to consider if you want to grow the size of your congregation.

Choose Stunning Architecture

The design of your building can attract more people if it looks visually appealing and unique compared to other churches in the area. You can choose traditional Catholic church architecture that features unique details that stand out and allow the building to look contemporary. The exterior can include exquisite details and focal points that make the building look like a work of art. Consider adding stained glass windows, which will look high-end and classic.

Use Eye-Catching Signage

Those who pass by your church will want to know the name of the establishment when they’re considering visiting during mass or a service. Use eye-catching signage that is visible from the street and makes it easy to read service times, the name of the church, or the denomination. Choose colors that complement the building and work within the same color scheme. The signage should also be legible at night and needs to be illuminated.

How to Make Your Church Stand Out

Focus on the Landscaping

The landscaping is one of the most important parts of the exterior of the building and can make the property look like it’s maintained well. Hire professional landscapers to mow the lawn each week and trim the hedges to keep the space looking pristine in each season of the year. You’ll also want to add extra visual appeal with different types of flowers or plants that create a welcoming environment near the entrance of the church.

Repave the Parking Lot

Repaving the parking lot is essential to avoid potholes that can form and create a safe area to drive on for your guests. The lines should also be clear and easy to view each parking spot on Sunday mornings. You can also designate specific parking spots for the staff or new visitors.

By increasing the appeal of your church and following a few tips, you can create an attractive property that stands out in the area. You’ll be proud to show off your church and attract new members each week when you want to continue growing.

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