How to make your own natural firelighters

At this time of year, there is no better feeling than curling up at home in front of a roaring, open fire.

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In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a report in Scotsman suggests that an open fire can have a wealth of health benefits, such as decreasing blood pressure and lowering stress levels. The naturalistic element of the fire – which has been used as a source of warmth, comfort and cooking since the dark ages – is widely believed to have an intrinsic relaxing effect and is hugely appealing to many homeowners.

From stoves Northern Ireland to Newquay, there really is nothing lovelier than an open fire at this time of year. If you really want to enhance the effect, why not have a go at making your own firelighters? Although you can buy them from the shop or online, creating your own means you can add your own distinct flavours and fill your home with the scents you love, along with a warming glow. Here’s how you can create your own firelighters on a budget.

What do you need?

Think of the smells of nature that you love. Aromatic spices? Pine cones? Cloves? Herbs? All of these cheap and natural items can easily be used to create firelighters that give off a wonderful scent. You’ll also need some paper muffin cases, a tray and a waxy substance like soy or beeswax. Then you’re ready to go!

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The creation process

The process of creating these lovely firelighters couldn’t be simpler. Just line your muffin cases with the natural ingredients and then add a piece of cotton wick so that part of the wick is sticking out from the case. Then, simply add the wax, being sure to partially submerge the natural ingredients and then leave to cool.

The end result

Once they have set, you can pop the firelighters out of their cases and store them ready for use. Please note that these are only suitable for traditional log fires and not gas fires or stoves (

Pop them in a decorated jar and present them to your nearest and dearest as a gift, or you can store them on display that so you can enjoy the look of them as well as their lovely smell.

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