How to organise great garden get-togethers

Now we can feel spring in the air, we can look forward to spending some time outside in our gardens. This is the perfect time to begin getting our gardens summer ready and begin to plan all those wonderful garden parties we’ve been waiting for. What can be better than spending time with friends and family out in the warm sunshine, enjoying some great food and a few drinks as the sun goes down? Here are some tips for planning the most successful garden party yet.

Keep it casual is probably the best advice so you don’t need to be overly extravagant or spend a small fortune. It can be as simple as throwing some cushions on a picnic rug, putting up some tables decorated with fresh flowers, some matching plates and cups (paper if you don’t want the washing up) and you’re good to go.

How to organise great garden get-togethers

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A drinks stand will go down a treat and you can surprise your guests with a ready-made drinks stand complete with seasonal fruits for creating a delicious summer cocktail. Serve in a bowl with a big ladle and guests can help themselves. This idea will also save you from running back and forth to the kitchen every five minutes to refill drinks.

Decorating the table is the fun part and there are so many ideas that it doesn’t have to become a headache or cost the earth. Nature themed pieces work great and could include fresh flowers, small trees hung with fairy lights or even just some scented candles. Add a table runner for some added style and you’re all set. For the ultimate in garden party glamour, think about Summer Houses In Northern Ireland and visit

Don’t get too fussy with the food. Stay relaxed and remember that the general theme of a garden party is relaxed casual fun with some tasty treats. You’re not preparing for a formal dinner party so keep it simple. Simple edibles like salad bowls, sandwiches and other finger foods that look delicious are all that is required. Of course, you could also revert to the good old English barbecue if you fancy serving up some burgers and hot dogs.

How to organise great garden get-togethers2

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Lights will really set the tone, especially as it starts to get dark. String up some fairy lights or lanterns to keep the outdoor ambience going after dark and give your party a real campsite feel. Large candles will also look fantastic on the tables.

Of course, no party is complete without some great background music. You’ll want to set the tone and the ambience straight away and this will depend on who your guests are. For an older crowd, think about setting an old vinyl record player and encourage guests to dig out some old classics to bring with them. For a younger group, you’ll probably want to create a digital playlist with something a bit more upbeat and current. Encourage any budding musicians to bring along their instruments and have a good old fashioned sing along!

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