How to run your air con more efficiently

There are other ways to reduce your cooling costs than just setting the temperature of your air conditioner. Here are some tips to increase the efficiency of your AC.

  1. WiFi is a great way to connect

Do you use this feature? You can use your air conditioner to control it remotely, customise the cooling experience and save money.

Smart controls are a great way to save energy. It can be tempting for you to leave your AC running all night. But, you could automate the device to turn off after a couple of hours. You can automate your settings using a mobile application if you have WiFi. Use the remote’s timer to turn on and off the air conditioner when needed.

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  1. Every two weeks, clean filters

Did you know you should clean your air conditioner filters every two weeks? The filters can help you breathe better by preventing mould and dust buildup. They will also allow your unit to operate as efficiently as possible. When you need Air con Stroud, consider

  1. Insulation is essential

Proper insulation will help you save money on your energy bills. It keeps your home at the right temperature and your heater/cooler is just filling in the gaps. By upgrading your ceiling insulation, you can reduce heat transfer and lower your energy bills up to 45 percent.

  1. Get rid of draughts

Do your best to reduce draughts, even if you can’t upgrade your insulation. You can do this by:

  • Purchasing a door snake to stop hot air from entering and cool air from escaping.
  • Install rubber weather stripping on the bottom of your doors
  • Upgrade window coverings – insulated cellular shades are an excellent choice
  • Fill in small gaps around your home with gap filler
  • Rugs or carpets can be used to insulate the floors.

Close doors in rooms you are not using to prevent the house from cooling unnecessarily.

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  1. Block the heat

Sun glare can also influence how hot your home feels. Blinds and curtains inside the house can reduce heat. But blocking out sunlight before it reaches your windows is better.

To keep your home at a comfortable temperature, draw the blinds during the hotter part of the day.

  1. Investing in energy efficiency

Some air conditioners use less power than others. While older central units are known to consume a lot of energy, reverse-cycle air conditioning systems that are more compact and agile tend to be more efficient. Look at the energy rating when buying a new AC. The more stars the machine has, the greater savings.

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