How to secure your garage

It’s no secret that the garage is an easy way for unsavoury characters to enter your home. Once they’ve made it through the garage doors, they will easily find their way into your home. Here are some points to keep in mind to prevent your garage entrance from becoming an easy target.

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Always Have someone trustworthy in the garage

What simpler way of keeping your garage secure than always having someone in there. If investing in a pricey electrical security system doesn’t appeal to you then having someone to look after your garage when you are not there could be very beneficial to you. There are plenty of house keepers you could choose from to do this. If you are looking for a Housekeeping London agency, then look no further than

Don’t let them fish

All garage doors are fitted by companies that perform garage door installation in St Albans or elsewhere with a release mechanism that will disengage the door from the opener if it is necessary. Even though this is meant to help you out when your door is stuck, some robbers have managed to find a way of using it to your disadvantage.

Although “fishing” a garage door is difficult to do, some criminals have found a way to insert a hook through a gap in the garage door. Once that’s done, they hook and release the emergency opener to give themselves free access to your garage. An extra lock can prevent this.

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Close the door behind you

Forgetting to do this is an open invitation to anyone trying to take advantage.
The car is not a good place for the remote

The best place to keep your remotes is on your keyring. It stands to reason that if the remote is not left in the car, it cannot be used by anyone entering your car unlawfully.

Find a secure top-of-the-range opener

An opener with security features such as a monitor, self-closing system, controlled illumination and a mobile phone connection is the way to go for ultimate security.

Always secure the overhead door

An extra padlock never does harm. This way, you can secure the track and completely avoid fishing. You will find even more tips on home and garage security on

These tips can be implemented to secure your garage door. You can find reasonably priced products online, and some of the work only requires minimal DIY on your part. The peace of mind that it gives you will be worth it in the long run.

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