How to Start Building your Own Home

If you have got a bit fed up with hunting for a dream home that ticks all the boxes, building your own from scratch could be the solution for you. But before you go about building the home of your dreams, you need to find a place to build it – so the first place to start is the hunt for a plot.

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This is where you may need to make a few compromises – unless you already own a plot of land, then your home will have to fit n with the plot that you buy, so any pre conceived ideas that you have may not fit in with the plot that you end up buying.

When purchasing a plot of land, you need to check that you can connect utilities such as water to it before the build begins, as this is something that builders will need. It is also a good idea to check other facilities such as broadband in the area.

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It is also important to check the planning permission in the area – speak to your local council and use planning maps from to make sure that your home complies with the planning permission.

There are many places to find a plot of land – from searching online to registering an interest with your local council. You can even try asking around locally in the area that you wish to buy in, as people may be aware of a plot that is for sale nearby, or that will be soon.

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