How to use muriatic acid to clean masonry

Muriatic acid has many applications, both in industry and domestically. One of its more common uses is in the cleaning of materials such as masonry. As it is an acid, it is important to investigate its properties and applications before use.

How to use muriatic acid to clean masonry

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What is muriatic acid?

Muriatic acid is a highly-reactive substance and one of the most hazardous chemicals you can purchase for domestic use. It is made when hydrogen chloride gas is dissolved in water and is also known as hydrochloric acid. Our own bodies rely on it for food digestion.

Muriatic acid will cause damage when in contact with most materials, apart from some plastics. It will corrode metal and destroy clothing. If inhaled, it can damage the lining of the mouth, nose and throat.

How to use muriatic acid to clean masonry2

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What is it used for?

Muriatic acid is mostly used in industrial application; for example:

– It is used to make gelatin and to process raw leather.
– It is used to remove rust from steel and iron before processing.
– It is used in water treatment centres to convert sewerage into drinking water.
– It is used to clean swimming pools and balance water pH.
– It is used in battery manufacture and construction.

Domestic uses

Muriatic acid can be used outside the home for masonry cleaning. Whether you are removing mineral deposits or preparing to paint a new surface, muriatic acid products can be ordered online.  However if you are looking for a more environmental friendly solution a company that supplies alternative products that do not include the use of muriatic acid is stonehealth,  you can see there available product line here .

Removing deposits

For removal of mineral deposits, use a solution of muriatic acid. When masonry reacts with moisture, deposits can be left behind and look unsightly. This can be the case if you have a basement area, which is naturally damper. Apply the muriatic acid in safe way for a few minutes to remove any minerals, then rinse and brush off any remaining residue. Apply a waterproof seal to the masonry.

Prepping masonry

Muriatic acid can be used to prepare a surface for painting. Use with caution to improve the chances of adhesion.

Cleaning tiles

Muriatic acid can be used to quickly remove mortar stains from ceramic tiles and masonry. The area will be improved in a few seconds, so be careful to limit the exposure. Always follow the safety instructions.

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