How to wire a ceiling rose

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to the successful wiring of a ceiling rose. You will need to isolate power supplies in the building and have correct knowledge of where wires should be positioned when uninstalling the existing light fitting or old ceiling rose. You should also be able to identify the live wire. Let’s take a look at the key steps and points to consider ensuring safe wiring of your new ceiling rose.

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First points to consider

Are you actually capable of installing ceiling roses? If you are way above your head and concerned that your health may be at risk, or that you may cause damage to the building you are working on then stop and get a qualified electrician to do the work. Find an approved electrician using sites such as

Start the job in the right way

Switch off the power and then isolate electricity. You will be in close contact with wiring that is exposed so it is the most vital aspect of the safety of the job to correctly turn off and isolate the supply of power. Also, make sure that nobody else will accidentally switch on the power whilst working. Once you have done this, switch off every switch on your fuse box or consumer unit. Use a detector specifically for voltage to really ensure that the electric supply is isolated.

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Have the right parts and tools ready at hand

Select a well-made ceiling rose from a trusted and established supplier such as those found at

Make sure you also have a range of screwdrivers, drills and bits, fixtures and fittings, domestic test meter, voltage detector, ladders and correct light bulbs. It always helps to have an additional person available to offer some help.

Get to work

The next step is to remove the old bulb and fitting, taking care not to damage the ceiling. Then using the domestic test meter, establish which of the wires now exposed is the switched live wire. Once all wires have been clearly identified, screw each into the appropriate terminal blocks using your screwdriver.

Final touches

Safely fit your lamp holder, with the neutral wire being screwed in to the final remaining screw compartment, then fit the bulb. Turn everything on and enjoy your new rose!

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