Ideas for afternoon tea fit for royalty

If you’ve decided to host an afternoon tea, then you’ll appreciate some irresistible ideas for what to serve that will delight your guests. There are some expectations, such as finger sandwiches and cake but there are some great ways to spice these up to make them extra memorable and delicious.

Mini Celebration Sponge Cakes

The traditional Victoria sponge that is topped with icing sugar is perfect for celebrating a special day, whether full size or in delicious bite size pieces. Chocolate and cream mini sponges will also go down a treat.

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Mini Sausage Rolls

Mini sausage rolls are a twist on the classic sausage roll. They may be small, but they pack a powerful taste punch when coated liberally with a delicious sweet pickle.

Clotted Cream Scones with Strawberry Jam

You know these scones are going to be great when they have a name that sounds like this! Super scones, topped with classic clotted cream and diced strawberries, are quick and easy to make. They taste great with jam and cream. For Afternoon tea box delivery, visit

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Sticky Orange Marmalade Loaf Cake

The sticky, sweet treat will steal the show during your afternoon tea thanks to its tantalising texture. The sensationally sticky orange marmalade loaf cake will be the star of your afternoon tea.

Sensational sandwiches

Even simple cheeses and meats can be transformed into sensational sandwiches with a regal helping of chutneys or a dash of mustard.

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