Ideas for your wet room project

Wet rooms are becoming a fashionable and effective way to get the most out of your bathroom. They are sleek, sophisticated, and a great way to express some personality. Experts say that they even add value to your home as they create a fresh and contemporary look.

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Adding value to a house has become a more pressing concern than ever. House prices, whether for rental or purchase, are said to have gone up, resulting in the BBC and other outlets publishing advice and calculators for affordable homes. A freshly installed wet room could instantly boost the value of your own home.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is essentially a shower room with an almost entirely open plan. They are often more spacious and modern than a traditional shower room. If you are considering a wet room and whether it might work in your home, look no further than the top tips we have below.

Keeping a wet room dry

This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but a wet room needs to thoroughly dry. This is achieved through effective drainage and waterproofing. It is generally essential to leave this to a professional who will install a system but you can still make it your own. The options include drainage in sections all over the floor, for example, or a gentle slope that drains the water in one direction. Explore your options and ensure that the style suits you practically as well as fitting with the personality of your home. Underfloor heating can also be a great way to stay warm and dry.

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Shower glass panels

You may wish to section off an area of your shower, even if the room is open plan. This creates more dimension in the room as well as protecting materials such as towels and fabrics. Select a thickness that suits you whether you are going for elegant or durable. Choices from reputable companies such as range from 8mm to 12mm shower glass panels. So you are sure to find an option to suit you.

Attention to detail

Don’t forget to add personality and finishing touches with your fixtures such as taps, shower heads, and door knobs. These can be classic and retro, or modern and striking. Making the smaller choices completes your wet room and really makes it your own.

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