Is your roof Winter-ready?

Winter is a hard time for our homes, particularly our roofs. With extremely cold temperatures, heavy rain and howling winds a possibility, the last thing we want is the sudden drama and expense of a leaking roof in the middle of winter. That’s why it pays to get your roof ‘winter-ready’ with a few quick jobs to give you peace of mind when the bad weather sets in.
Is your roof Winter-ready

  • Do a spot check for leaks on areas where there could be weaknesses, such as where the chimney meets the roof and skylights or Velux windows. Have a good walk round your home and look for areas that could be damaged or worn down – things you probably wouldn’t notice during the summer months.
  • Pay attention to the fascia as well as potential problems can occur from weak areas or damp. Getting this checked in the early autumn is a great idea so any problems can be rectified before the start of winter.
  • Ensure you check your guttering. When autumn leaves fall, they can quickly clog up the roof guttering and drainpipes, blocking the flow and causing water to build-up where you don’t want it. If rainwater is not being directed away by efficient drainage systems then areas can become weakened and saturated, causing leaks and damp.
  • Leaves that become trapped in your gutters and on your roof, will decompose, block your drainage and cause dry rot damage which can go unnoticed for a long time.
  • Any excess debris, dirt and mulch needs to be cleaned out of the gutters and any damage or holes spotted should be repaired. This is a tough and messy job so you might want to call in a professional. If you have a flat roof then it’s more important to check your drains are not clogged up as you need to have a very efficient drainage system in place to prevent potential leakage. For Evesham Flat Roofing, visit
  • Is your roof Winter-ready2Any loose tiles need to be secured or replaced straight away.
  • Walk around the interior of your home as well and look for any small stains on the ceiling. You might have noticed a small stain that’s hardly noticeable and ignored it but small stains, if untreated, can become big problems. The last thing you want is a leak and interior damage so sort the problem as soon as you can to save money and hassle in the long run.
  • If your roof is old but has never caused you any issues, it’s still a good idea to have a regular inspection by a professional roofing company at least every 5 years. Even newer roofs should be regularly inspected for signs of damage. A professional roofer will able to tell you how much life is left in the roof before you need to think about having a replacement and what, if any, signs of deterioration are present.

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