It all happens on the sofa.

All human life happens on the sofa doesn’t it? Think about all the moments of drama and discussions and plans that are made on the humble two or three-seater plonked right there in your house. If you take a look at yours and think “well, actually we need a new one”, then a visit to a Sofas Gloucester based retailer like could be what you need. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the many famous sofas for tv and film where the characters’ lives have been shaped and lived.

The Friends sofa in Central Perk. It’s unusual for something so orange to make such an impact on people lives but this old mohair sofa was almost just as much a character as Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe. They laughed, argued, broke up and made up on this sofa so much during the shows run through the nineties to the noughties that it’s amazing it survived the experience. Legend has it that this little slice of Victorian design was found dumped and unloved in a Warner brothers basement. Its gone from zero to hero as it plays the background role in so many scenes of this great comedy.

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Another popular nineties sofa is the Davenport from Wayne’s World. It sits happily in the basement (again) where Wayne and Garth dispense their wisdom and opinion on all things rock. It’s actually a locally made item near to the boys who were showing their loyalty to the brand it would seem. What does the throw cover up though? Probably better not to ask.

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Not a real sofa per say but certainly one that sees a lot of family time and action, it also briefly gets a few fleeting seconds of air time before its pounced upon, is the Simpsons sofa. In one famous opening the family rushed in to find it wasn’t there at all! The story behind the sofa is that it was a Ned Flanders cast off. Homer decided that it would make a lovely addition to his home instead. Not that the sofa wants to stay its tried to escape several times and even turned feral. That’s what you get if you’ve been the subject of Alien and Zombie attacks, been exploded and surfed upon countless times. You have been able to hear Bart’s prank calls to Mo though, so every cloud has a silver lining.

Leather makes its first appearance here with the sofa from the Big Bang Theory. Like the Friends sofa above the boffins and there equally intelligent girlfriends, yes that includes Penny, seem to have the same situations thrust upon them and the sofa is the place where it all plays out. It was even the setting for the famous but short-lived Penny Blossoms business. Regardless of all the drama don’t sit in Sheldon’s spot.

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