Keeping up appearances

Commercial properties require regular maintenance as you might find that under the terms of your lease, you need to hand it back in a similar condition to how it was originally let. This means the inside and out. It pays to keep on top of any issues as the cost of repair for dilapidation can cause serious hefty bills depending on the size of the building. Cleanliness is one of the key factors, you are responsible for your office and a landlord or property manager would be responsible for any communal areas. There is a whole industry dedicated to cleaning and you’d be surprised at how many different types of cleaning need to be done and where.

As a tenant you will be expected to be responsible for maintaining the workplace temperature, providing sufficient ventilation, space and light, providing suitable sanitation facilities, providing drinking water, maintaining equipment and keeping the premises clean and free of waste. These are set down in health and safety rules. With regards to keeping the area clean, there is a whole industry dedicated to cleaning so this part should be easy. For Commercial Cleaning Services Cardiff, visit

Keeping up appearances

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As well as being a legal obligation, keeping a well maintained property is better for you and your staff, both in terms of health and psychologically. Working in a clean and smart building has a positive impact and will increase pride in the workplace so it’s a great idea all round.

Commercial cleaning involves the cleaning of office buildings and business premises. Usually after hours, so as not to disrupt workers. Commercial cleaning will involve cleaning sanitation and hygiene units in public bathrooms and will normally require a team of cleaners rather than an individual. It will also focus on shared kitchen areas, desks, phones, screens and carpets.

Every once in a while you may need the services of a professional carpet cleaning company who can operate anywhere and specialize in sanitizing and deodorising carpets using products made for this purpose. Steam cleaning is another option for carpets and upholstery and is usually performed by a specialist who knows how to treat specific surfaces differently.

Industrial cleaning is not something that might occur to you. However, if you are responsible for keeping your windows clean then you might need to contact a specialist for this too. Pressure washing, vehicle cleaning, high rise window cleaning and factories all require cleaning services that fall outside what we might normally consider when thinking about the maintenance of commercial buildings.

Whatever type of area you are responsible for and no matter the size, regular upkeep and maintenance is essential to avoid frighteningly large bills if your tenancy comes to an end. If the wording on the lease is not clear then make sure you fully understand what your responsibilities are because the worst case scenario involving a repair obligation is that the tenant ends up with a substantial bill, sometimes out of the blue, which can be very damaging or even disastrous to an otherwise successful business.

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