Leaks can cause a lot of water damage!

If you have a water leak in your home, it can cause far more damage than you can imagine. Unsightly mess and damage can negatively impact resale values for starters. We always imagine something disastrous is the result of major flooding or burst pipes, but what if the damage is occurring slowly from something as simple as a leak you haven’t noticed?

You may not think a small leak could be that bad, but the continuous leakage of water can affect the health of your home in a very negative way. Here are some of the consequences of seemingly minor water leaks:

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Property degrading

The history of long-term water damage, no matter how small will reduce the value of your property. Even when you believe the problem to be fixed, problems can linger, and this will definitely put you in a weak bargaining position in the future should you wish to sell your home. Always sort out water leaks immediately to prevent long term damage to the value of your home. To help with a leak as a result of blockages, contact a site that deals with Blocked Drains Bristol like https://www.amsdrains.co.uk/

Mould and Mildew

Puddles and excess moisture are the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew to grow. Organisms will be releasing spores into the air that can damage your health over time. Most homes will contain these spores, it is inevitable. In dry conditions, they are inactive and harmless, but when in contact with water, their growth is driven, and they quickly spread.

Most people can cope with the mild irritation of spores, including coughing, sneezing and breathing issues. However, when people have existing respiratory problems or immune system issues, the consequences of being exposed to such spores is much more dangerous particularly for babies as mould increases the likelihood of developing asthma.

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Structural damage

As well as low valuation and health concerns, water damage can cause costly structural problems. Aesthetically, water damage can cause discoloration, staining and lines in the paint and wallpaper. Each drywall will start to swell and become warped. If your home has supporting beams, structural integrity can be greatly compromised. A hole is formed in the wall and combined with the mould, will soon go from unsightly to harmful.

How to identify possible water damage:

Water leaks can go undetected for some time, especially if they are in a hard to reach or see area. The first step is to find the suspected leak.

Strange Smells – Did you notice a musty smell? A strong, pungent musty odour where there was previously none is often the first sign that water is seeping into somewhere it should not.

Changes in colour – If you notice any discoloration on the walls, off-white or yellow in colour along a white wall, then this is a major sign of something wrong.

Slack – Any slack visible on the wall or ceiling is another sign of a water leak. A bulge that suddenly appears on the wall or ceiling is a definite warning sign of a sudden accumulation of water causing structural damage.

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