Levels of IPC Certification

If you work or want to work in the electronic manufacturing industry, an IPC Certification is a great way to get a leg up with employers. This certificate shows that you can not only do the job but do it with a standard of excellence. There are four different levels of IPC Certification, depending on the level of expertise you desire.


CIS stands for Certified IPC Specialist. It is the best level to choose if you simply want to improve your abilities in one specific area.


CSE or Certified Standards Expert is a step above. This typically indicates an understanding and excellence in a group of standards.


A Certified IPC Trainer or CIT is specifically geared toward those who not only want to be experts but also want to train others hoping to achieve their IPC Certification.


MIT or Master IPC Trainer is the highest IPC Certification. This level allows you to train the lower certification levels. Typically, only those employed by Licensed Training Centers can achieve the MIT level, and the certification is usually only provided for one training center. Should you want to work with another training center, you would likely need a separate MIT Certification, unless the IPC says otherwise.

The certification level you choose will depend directly on the career path you hope to take. If you’re uncertain of which suits your needs, research the employer you wish to work for or seek the guidance of an IPC Training Center.

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