Lightning is not able to strike at all.

Radiator springs was not known for its high crime rate, in fact it didn’t really have a crime rate at all. The last time any kind of crime had been committed, namely some general trashing of small businesses and rowdiness, it had been done by its most famous resident and fiancée of local lawyer Miss Sally, a rather fetching Porsche Boxster. This was the famous racer and four times winner of the Piston cup Lightening McQueen. He was current parked on the edge of a field watching a maddened herd of Tractor Cow’s storming around after he and his companion, a rusting tow truck called Mater.

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“Mater, I’ve gotta tell you something”, said McQueen

“Well sure Lightning you can tell me anything. After what we’ve been through, I’d be sad if you didn’t” replied Mator.

“The thing is, I’m worried about being stolen. I’m really very famous now after all” said a concerned McQueen.

“Well, why didn’t you say so McQueen! I’ve got just the thing for you. A Ghost vehicle Immobiliser from my good friends at It’ll make sure you never get stolen ever. If Radiator Springs lost you I’ve no idea what would happen to the place” said Mater in his usual over enthusiastic way.

That night McQueen was fitted quick and easily with the immobiliser and he bedded down for the night. He had a big race the next day with the first round of the Piston cup due to start so that he could begin his charge for another championship. He’d heard about this fast-new electric based Car that was coming out but he wasn’t worried, he was the fastest car on the track and always would be. He slowly fell asleep.

Sally knocked on Light door. For the third time that day. It was time for him to get up and leave for the race. She drove off to get Mater.

“Lightning’s not up yet!” she said a bit panicked.

“Sure, I expect he’s in the car wash or something”, said a nonplussed Mater. He drove up to the door and start hammering on the on the door with his hook. “Hey! McQueen! Get up you slow poke!”.

“Mater, Sally help!” shouted McQueen.

“Can you open the door?” asked Sally to Mater.

“Sure, I can” he said. Mater pulled back revved his engine and slammed into the door smashing off its hinges.

“Well done Mater” said Sally, “You’re quite the craftsmen”.

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“Shucks weren’t nothing” said Mater.

“I can’t move!” said McQueen.

“Well of course you can’t that’s the immobiliser. No one’s going to be able to steal you now”, said Mater happy that it was working properly.

“Mater! The race!” Shouted Sally and McQueen together.

“Oh. Ah well perhaps you should be thinking about going into track crew management anyways Lightning and he sped away before Sally could enter the code and disable it.

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