Magnificently Manicured, Neat, New Nails.

The true beauty of a professional manicure and pedicure is clear to see, the resulting fingers and toenails are immaculately tapered and polished and look amazing. We’ve all done the double-take to look again when we see someone who’s finger nails are magnificently sculptured and designed with intricate art work.  The nail Technician who carries out the procedure will have been fully trained to skilfully complete the cleaning, shaping, strengthening and applying of gel or acrylic and then decorating of your nails.  They will wear a clean, smart overall or tunic and a face mask provided by a Respilon Dealer , a professional company that supplies quality face masks so that any dust or particles created by filing or cleaning of your nails will not be breathed in.

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This cosmetic, beauty treatment of your fingers and toe nails is usually performed at a professional Salon and takes approximately an hour for each procedure to be fully completed.  There are several stages of treatments that the Technician will perform and they will have access to various specialised implements in order to complete the process.  Cuticle Pushers and nippers, nail buffers and brushes, nail files and clippers, scissors, a Pumice Stone, toe-separators and lots of other weird and wonderful utensils.

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The final part of this painless procedure is the fun stage, when you get to choose colours and designs to compliment your beautifully manicured nails. Gems and jewels can be securely attached to the finished nails if you desire, of course the more elaborate designs are more costly to complete!

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