Making Pine Dining Chairs Fashionable Again

If you’ve got the time and patience, upcycling old furniture is a satisfying hobby and currently all the rage. It’s useful to do some research beforehand in order to pick up useful advice and avoid mistakes others have experienced.

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There are plenty of sites listing cheap and free bits of furniture, and pine furniture often comes with a week-in-Benidorm tan colour that most of us no longer desire in our homes.

Clean Them Up

Make sure the chairs are grease-free. If they’ve been in a kitchen for the last few years and have spindles and cut-outs, the chances are there’s a layer of dust and grease that will need to be removed in order for paint to stick to them properly.

Use sugar soap, and pop a pair of socks on to your hands to make sure that all crevices are wiped down with the cleaning solution.

Sand Them Down

Depending on which type of paint you use, you might need to gently sand down the wood in order to give the chair some ‘grip’ for the paint. This is recommended by Ideal Home, who advise that it’s easy to do and makes a huge difference when you come to paint the furniture.

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Choose Your Colours

It’s fashionable to use neutral colours for dining furniture, but use another stronger colour on some areas to add interest. For example, keep the main chair a pale colour and paint the spindles or legs a darker colour. Alternatively, use some stencilling on the seat or back to make the chair design unique or blend in with your kitchen design.

Protect the Paint

Once you have painted the chairs with the necessary number of coats and they have thoroughly dried, make sure that they are protected with wax from the scuffs and scratches they’ll endure in a high-traffic environment such as the kitchen.

Here we’ve looked at how to upcycle pine dining chairs, bringing them up to date and giving them a unique look just like Lloyd Loom dining chairs from

Upcycling furniture can bring a lot of satisfaction when you proudly announce that you ‘did it yourself’ to an admirer. Bear in mind, it does take some time to do, be prepared and don’t be afraid to experiment to get the look you want.

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