Monetising your space: 4 ideas for venue owners

The space available at your venue is critical for increasing the amount of money you can generate from events. By making the most of every part of the venue, you can boost your margins and make the business more successful. Here are some tips on monetising the space that is available.
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A variety of areas

Not all events are the same. Some will require smaller or larger spaces than others. For example, one company might be looking for an intimate venue, whereas another wants to use a rodeo bull distributor and needs a bigger area. If you have a range of different rooms and areas available for hire, you can draw in more customers and provide them with the variety they need. It could even be possible to have more than one event running at the same time if you plan the space efficiently.


In addition to having a choice of venue spaces, it’s also crucial to have flexibility in the areas that you can hire out to clients. This will allow you to close off or open up rooms as the client requires. This enables you to appeal to a greater number of customers because some might be turned off if the space looks too big. Holding an event in a venue that is too large for the number of attendees can make it seem like a failure because it might appear that not enough people have turned up for the event.

Offer something different

Businesses are constantly looking at ways to give their event an edge over their competitors, and you can help them achieve this by providing something they won’t find at other venues. You might want to specialise in a specific area, such as having the very latest technology, or you could offer a space for large-scale events, such as those that use a rodeo bull distributor like

Have the right technology

Events today can feature a range of audio-visual and technological elements, so you need to ensure your space is equipped to help you attract more customers. When you’re planning the space and the type of equipment you want to include, it’s important to consider the needs of your customers and the elements they are most likely to require. This could include high-quality speaker systems, televisions, digital projectors, Wi-Fi capabilities, and sufficient electrical sockets.

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