Moving a Home. Literally.

It can be nice to have a static caravan. What happened though if you need to move it? There are a number of reasons for this. You may need to move as your lease is up or you may not like the camp any more and want to move to another site. Either way moving it can be a headache. If you have a standard bricks and mortar house and are looking to move, then Removal Companies Bristol area such as this one can get you started. Its all little bit easier than moving a static.

You must have seen them. Trundling up the Motorway with a wide load van flashing along beside it.  Everybody having to slow down and pull out to get around it, taking a wider line. The site of a static caravan on the back of a low loader is quite a common sight and is usually accompanied by a traffic report warning other drivers to take care. It takes a fair bit of planning to move the static.

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When they first arrive at a holiday camp they don’t come fully formed. They are flat packed and are bolted together usually with the intention of never being moved again. Static by name, static by nature. Companies that offer a moving service will review and check out the route well in advance and advise you if it’s possible for them to actually be able to do it. There are some places that a caravan of this size was not meant to go.

Many companies provide the assisted wide load vehicle as well. Some companies have really gone the extra mile and ensured that the drivers have had Highway Agency and Police training. This is to make sure that they are fully aware of the laws and procedures that can affect its transportation and the proper way to go about not only protecting your static but the general public as well.

Static moving companies will also offer a service for setting the thing back up when you reach your location. This seems wise to get it all done. Balancing the hone correctly at the other end is vital otherwise you’re going to have to hire a local team to come on another day to get that job done.

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It was, as you can see from the picture above, a bit easier in the 1970s when you could stick 3 of them on the back of a Bedford. There is a line of argument that says it may well be cheaper to just sell it a buy or even make another one to your own spec at the place your wanting to move it to!

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