My drain is blocked what can I do?

We’ve all been there. You’ve filled up the sink and the its time to pull the plug and drain the water away. Out come the plug but the water just sits there slowly and languidly emptying out of the sink bowl if your lucky. If not, then it looks like its stuck there. Its time then to call some Plumbers Dublin way to come and have a look at what’s going on. Give them a look see at  and whilst your waiting for them to come around why not look through our handy list to see what it could be.

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  1. Cooking Fat and Grease. Its tempting after you’ve fried up some Sausages or roasted a Chicken simply pour the juices and left over hot fat down the sink. If it stayed runny then this would be fine but unfortunately it doesn’t. Fat cools down to become this white sticky substances that can cause real issues if it builds up over time. Why not add it bird seed and make them some fat balls for them instead?
  2. The Families Hair. Although it may seem to be to be just little thin strands flowing down the drain they tend to collect and stick around the sides and in the plug hole. These hairs catch other hairs and slowly but surely, you’ve got a blockage. The hair all clumps together making water flow pretty much impossible. The best way to stop this is regular checks. Yes, its yucky but it’ll save a lot of pain in the long run.
  3. The slightly ominously titled Foreign Objects. What this basically means is anything that shouldn’t be in the drain or plug hole. That translates to some of the weird and wonderful things that you would not expect to find down there. Hot Wheels cars for example or a plastic troll doll, children’s toys are a popular blocker. There is also the scourge of the sanitary towel.
  4. Its ok to put non-excessive amount log roll down the loo, its actually designed for that but be careful as to much can bond together and cause an issue. Two things that really, definitely under no circumstances should be flushed down the loo is a disposable nappy. They swell up to the size of a football. Not good. Wet wipes are also a no-no. Unlike loo roll they do not disintegrate and can from a huge lump of a blockage. Put them in the bin.
  5. Leaves and tree roots. So far, we’ve focused on problems inside but now were looking outside. This problem usually happens in the Autumn time. Keep an eye on the outside drains and gutters too as the fallen leaves can form an impressive dam or blockage.

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Where not out to scaremonger you. These tips can keep you bills low. At least you know where to go if you do have an issue. Refer to the link above.

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