Natural ways to deal with facial redness

When we see something we like, or feel an emotion such as extreme happiness, we flush. Our faces go bright red in some cases and this redness can cause embarrassment in our daily lives. Facial redness does not stop with blushing or emotional flushing, with rosacea a very real condition that causes a constant ruddiness of the cheeks, forehead and chin. Acne is another facial condition that can really cause upset. In such cases, finding and eliminating the triggers is the first step.

Natural ways to deal with facial redness

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Treating the triggers

Treatments for facial redness is generally gentle, as reddening skin is sensitive. Products such as
Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care cream work all year round and are not too expensive to use. Oil-based creams are always best to use, as they create a protective layer on the skin against the elements and can really help to reduce the colouring on the skin.

Natural ways to protect skin, ranging from cucumber masks to dietary changes, can work wonders. If you do not want to use creams every day on your skin, you can try these remedies to reduce the redness. These can work alongside skin protecting creams, such as those available from Cold cucumber slices on the skin can reduce colouring, as their cooling properties reduce heat on the skin; in addition, they feel very relaxing and refreshing.

Alcohol, high-fat and high-sugar foods and spicy foods are all foods that ‘fuel’ the fire in the face; therefore, either try to avoid these or consume them in moderation. Taking supplements to help the skin is another good idea, with probiotics and fish oil working to help pores and firm skin.

Fruit and vegetable medicine

According to a Fox News article, there are plenty of ways to naturally reduce skin reddening and help the skin to look brighter and fuller. These include eating more kale, as its sulphur content can help to reduce redness and flakiness.

Oatmeal baths, oatmeal masks and other oat-based products can also reduce blemishes and redness. These natural remedies show anti-inflammatory properties and have done so for a long time. There is a low chance of allergic reaction, with irritation highly unlikely. Manuka honey works in much the same way and is rich in skin-plumping antioxidants. Tea is also another winner – tea lovers rejoice!

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