Office Design Tips that are the best

Most of us understand the importance of clever interior design and decorating when it comes to our homes, but those theories are easily transferable to our workspaces, too.

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In fact, creating the right environment in your commercial premises can create a positive outlook for employees and customers alike. Many businesses invest a significant budget in having their space designed by interior design consultants, but it is possible to save money by adhering to some easy-to-follow tips.


Consider how your office space is used; who talks to whom, and what tasks do they need to complete? How could you make it more efficient?

Just like you might divide your home into zones, it might work in a commercial space, too.

Light It Up

There is no such thing as too much light. Whilst it might not be possible for everyone to have a space beside a window or even access to natural light, make sure all areas are well lit, using task lighting if required, and don’t squash people into an area that is too small.

Natural light has a positive impact on people’s mood, not to mention their health, so do allow as much in as possible by using glass partitions or taking out interior walls altogether.

Break Out

Being able to get away from your desk is important during your working time and on your lunch break, so it is worth considering your break spaces. These must be different from meeting rooms and can help improve communication by encouraging face-to-face conversation and spontaneity.

Clean Up

Working in a tidy, clutter-free environment is important, so build in plenty of usable storage into your scheme. Keeping space clean is also very important, so consider whether staff will be allowed to eat at their desk and whether every desk needs a waste bin.  You should also make sure this waste is being disposed of correctly which a commercial recycling cheltenham company found on links such as are trained to do.  They will help take the waste away for you and there a reasonable cost at the same time.
Of course, when it comes to designing your office space, you might consider how design and layout can affect productivity. The Guardian has some suggestions to bear in mind.

It might cost a little more to get your office right in the first place, but in the longer term, what you save in productivity more than makes up for the initial investment.

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