Organise Your Desk and Get More Work Done

Are you the type of person who leaves a path of destruction wherever you go, including your work desk? If so, you might be surprised at how much of an impact this has on your productivity. The saying ‘clean house, clean mind’ wasn’t just plucked from the air! Scientists have proved that working in a tidy environment psychologically makes the individual more relaxed and motivated. Here are some tips for keeping your desk organised and getting more work done as a result.

Organise Your Desk and Get More Work Done

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Storage Solutions

Though you might think you have a tidy surface on your desk, some of the odds and ends you collect could be enough to make some people’s stress levels rise. Why not collate all relevant information, such as passwords, phone lists and other data accessed on a regular basis, on a memo board? This take the loose bits of paper away from your desk and creates some welcome space.

If you have a favourite Biro, you might not be fussed about keeping a collection of pens on your desk. On the other hand, some workers seem to collect pens, working or not, and they sit aimlessly on their desks for weeks or months. A pencil/pen holder is a good way to organise your writing or drawing equipment, and the bonus is that you will be hard pushed to lose one of them if they are always put back in the same place. Some organisers can be purchased which have space for pens as well as somewhere to put your post-it notes or notepad. You can browse a range of desk storage ideas on the John Lewis website.

Wipe the Slate Clean

Not only is it important to de-clutter your working space, but cleaning your environment is another effective way of feeling at ease at work. However, you can’t be expected to carry out regular cleaning maintenance work, as you understandably have other responsibilities to focus on. For this reason, your company could employ a business that does commercial cleaning in Belfast to give the office a spring-clean or complete daily jobs around the office. A Belfast-based commercial cleaning service that could contribute to keeping the entire office organised, such as, could help you.

With so many devices and means of storage available to workers, there really is no excuse for a messy desk.

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