Outstanding hunting lodges offer prime deer hunting on thousands of acres

If you’re a hunter in South Carolina, it’s time to get your gear together and make sure your vacation time off is all set. South Carolina deer hunting kicks off on August 15, running through January 1, 2018, so even if you aren’t able to get out on opening day, you’ll still have a great deal of time to get out into the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry and bag that trophy deer this season.

Many hunters have their favorite “haunts”, camps they go to year after year, perhaps enjoying the camaraderie they have with their hunting buddies as much or more than the success they find in the hunt itself. Some of these hunters, however, may be looking for a change in venue this year. A change in environment, perhaps in an area new to the hunter, at a camp structured and geared towards hunter comfort while maximizing their chances for a most memorable hunting season, can be an exciting prospect. Likewise, hunters from out-of-state who want to take advantage of some of the best whitetail hunting in the country, but are not sure where to camp, may search for the ideal hunting lodge they can come to year after year. And new deer hunters might want to maximize their chances for success their first time out, booking a 3- or 4-day hunt at a hunting lodge in a game-rich environment, where their opportunity to bag some game is the best in the region.

Hunters, either individually or in groups, can really appreciate some of the fine amenities and outstanding hunting locations that the finest hunting lodges in the state, like Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, just south of Fairfax, South Carolina, can provide them.

Outstanding hunting lodges offer prime deer hunting on thousands of acres of intensely managed property. They will provide whitetail deer a year-round supplemental feeding program, and when the time for the hunt is here, stands or blinds are strategically placed on the property overlooking the feeding stations or plots just downwind. Such hunting lodges have so much confidence in the hunter’s likelihood for success that they offer guarantees for a discounted return visit if the group of hunters as a whole in camp does not have a 100 percent chance to harvest a suitable whitetail.

Popular lodges, outside of the two daily hunts, offer delicious meals and a number of activities to enjoy in and around the beautiful facility. It’s certainly a hunting trip that can be a most memorable experience, one which may even have hunters circling dates on next year’s calendar for a most anticipated return visit.

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