Rescue Training Is for the Brave

There are two types of people in an emergency situation. The first is those that panic, and the second is those that spring into action. It may not come naturally to rush to someone’s aid during a crisis, but there are training classes to help both types of people learn how to save individuals from various dangerous situations.

Heights Rescue

Whether the victim is a high-rise welder or a telephone pole repairman, when an accident occurs that leaves the person dangling from a dangerous height or entwined in electrified wires, the rescue workers is the only thing standing between the victim and sure death. In rescue from heights training courses, team work with baskets and a harness can save the person in almost no time.

Water Rescue

When rescuing someone from a water scenario, it can be especially important to understand the unique circumstances that water areas offer. Not only can access be difficult, but many times someone trying to save a water-ravaged individual may find themselves drug into the same perilous situation. For that reason, special training includes rigging, basket safety, hazard identification, and weather monitoring.

Trapped Rescue

Working in a confined space can be difficult, but trying to rescue a trapped individual takes special training. Not only is knowing how much free area around the person is available, but understanding air needs, broken bones, and first aid for the injured can be a huge boon in tight space releases. Knowing how to move the victim both horizontally and vertically can also be essential to the rescue.

Tower Rescue

Standing below a 200-foot tower and watching someone dangle from above on a rope or chain would set most people’s heart racing. Those trained in tower rescue don’t stand and watch, but instead they jump into action to work the high angle and bring the individual safely to the ground. This type of rescue training can include towers, silos, windmills, and derricks; and generally, the training includes a special rope rescue class.

If you like adventure, why not take a rescue class. Be warned though; rescues can be exhilarating.

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