Salsa ideas to spice up your summer

You can bring a burst of flavour to your summer picnic or barbeque with a delicious salsa that can spice up everything from corn chips to salads, bruschetta to grilled chicken or fish!

Salsa ideas to spice up your summer

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Salsa can be an incredible accompaniment and can enhance the flavours of every dish, adding a little bit of zing to your taste experience. Quick and easy to make, salsa is the ideal antidote to an otherwise ordinary meal, and you can opt for spicy and seductive, or crispy and fresh.

Getting started with salsa

Not only is salsa delicious, it’s also a great way to up your fruit or vegetable intake and can help you use up leftovers in your fridge too. You don’t need a huge number of ingredients and you can be quite creative in your combinations.

Salsa is also really simple to make and online food recipe videos such as those available at will teach you the basics. To begin, you need to decide on two main ingredients, determine whether you want spicy or sweet, or a fresh and crispy sensation, and what dish your salsa will accompany. Once you have decided these things, you can start chopping.

Salsa ideas to spice up your summer2

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Ideal salsa mixes

There are several different fruits and vegetables that work well in salsa, and onions, cucumber and tomatoes are good options, as are cherry, grape and apple. If you want to give your salsa some extra attitude you can even add peppers or chilies to liven things up.

There are also plenty of options when it comes to mixing your salsa up, and red or white vinegar, lemon or lime juice or grapefruit juice are popular options. Acidity in any salsa is essential, as it not only balances flavours, it acts as a natural preservative, allowing you to keep your salsa for a few days. This often allows for the flavours to mature, and makes it all the more delicious.

Serve it up

Herbs can be used to round off the flavour profile of a salsa, and cilantro is the most commonly used. If you have made a sweet salsa you don’t need a herb, but sometimes a dash of coconut sprinkled over the top adds that little something extra.

Salsa is versatile and delicious and it can go with just about any dish, adding another layer of flavour, enhancing your meal.

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