Secret America -Off the Beaten Track Things You Must See in the States

As British people, when we are considering a trip to America, it more often than not will be to one of the major tourist hotspots – New York, Las Vegas and Disneyland Florida are the most popular destinations for Brits wanting to go and see America. Of course, there are some people, like motivational speaker and fund-raising superhero Adventureman , who are on a mission to travel the whole of North America!

But America has a great deal more to it than the usual destinations. If you are wanting to try out a side of America that isn’t so full of tourists and visit a place that hasn’t been turned into a theme park, or just fancy something a little different, these are some of the lesser known places that are well worth a visit on your trip to the States.

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Supai Village, Arizona – This remote town is well off of the beaten track – it is the only town located in the Grand Canyon! The town itself has to be accessed by helicopter, riding or on foot (a good pair of walking boots is essential, as it is approximately eight miles!). The post is delivered here by mule an no vehicles are able to access the town, which is home to over 200 people. It is also home to the Havasupai Indian people, who have lived on the land for over a thousand years. The stunning waterfall, Havasu falls are a sight not to be missed.

The Devils Tower, Wyoming – In 1906, the President at the time, Theodore Roosevelt, declared the Devils Tower the United States first National Monument. Standing proudly over two kilometres in height over the Belle Fourche river, it is easy to see why this impressive natural feature earned that it’s title. The indigenous people of the region have considered the natural wonder a sacred place for thousands of years.  Many visitors come to the park, to see the tower and to enjoy the impressive scenery.

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Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas – As well as cowboys, Texas is also home to some stunning natural wonders, including the Hamilton pool preserve. This beautiful natural pool is popular with locals who enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear waters (which can be very chilly so beware!). The pool was formed when an underground river collapsed from erosion. The pool and the surrounding area provide a home to a large array of animal and plant life, which was under threat during the 1960s-1980s, both from human visitors to the pools and the land surrounding the area being used for grazing livestock. Since the land became managed, the wildlife is making a recovery in numbers.



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