Six Items to Keep at Home for Your Dog

Are you adding a dog to your household? Or, maybe you already have a dog that needs a friend to pal around with. Regardless of the number of dogs you have, there are some items that can help you take proper care of your pet. Two dog bowls and a leash are just the beginning of what your dog needs. Look at six items to have on hand for your dog.

A Quality Brush

A quality brush is a must-have for any dog. The type of brush you get depends on the sort of dog you own. An owner with a short-haired dog needs a brush that can loosen hair and keep the dog’s coat healthy and clean. Alternatively, the owner of a long-haired dog needs a brush made to get rid of tangles to prevent hair from becoming matted. Brushing your dog each day is a surefire way of keeping its coat healthy. In addition, it’s a way to bond with your dog and earn its trust so you can enjoy each other’s company even more.

Flea Treatment

Even if you keep your dog indoors most of the time, there is a chance it will be exposed to fleas. Fleas can bite your dog’s skin and carry disease, so it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Plus, your dog can hurt its skin and cause scars by constantly scratching the flea bites. Get a flea treatment that works on contact and one that requires more than one treatment. Spreading the treatments out over time means you have a better chance of killing all of the adult fleas and their eggs.

Basic Medicines

If you buy dog worming tablets, first-aid cream and other basic medicines for your dog, you want to keep them in a dry, secure area. Find a container that is big enough for all of your dog’s medical supplies, so you don’t have to worry about them being lost. In addition, keeping your container in the same location means you know where it is whenever you need it.

Quality Dog Food

Feeding your dog quality food helps to keep it healthy and lively for many years. Check the ingredients in any dog food you’re considering. Avoid foods with fillers and preservatives that don’t contribute to your dog’s overall health.

A Warm Blanket

Something as simple as a warm blanket can help a dog that is new to your household feel more at ease. Your dog may sleep on the blanket during the day or at night. Or, if your canine is a puppy, they sometimes like to chew on a blanket or play a tugging game with it. You don’t have to purchase a new blanket for your dog. Instead, choose an old beach towel you don’t want anymore. Most dogs like soft fabric with a varied texture to it.

Nail Clippers

A pair of nail clippers is a must-have for dog owners. Maybe you have a basset hound with thick, long nails that need regular trimming. Or, perhaps you own a poodle with thin, brittle nails that tend to break. It’s important to learn the safe and correct procedure for trimming your dog’s nails. That way, they are less likely to get caught in carpeting, chair fabric, etc. If you aren’t certain about your nail trimming abilities, you can visit your vet or a professional dog groomer to have your dog’s nails trimmed properly.

If you keep all of these items at home, you don’t have to worry about not having the right supplies when you want to brush your dog, trim its nails, etc. Consider designating a shelf in your pantry or garage for all of your dog’s necessary supplies.

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