Six Of This Year’s Top Construction Trends

We took a look at what construction companies are doing to retain their reputation and continue to be profitable. Some trends are fairly universal. 

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Virtual Modelling

Building information modelling (BIM) is a computer-based representation of a project which can be used by architects and engineers as well as clients and end users, such as members of the public and local authorities. Demonstrating building structures and materials, as well as predicting issues arising, it shows mitigating measures put in place during the lifetime of the construction phase. It also allows collaboration and helps engender consensus-driven outcomes, meaning proposals move on without unnecessary delay.

Environmental Engagement

All things environmental have the highest profile at the moment, and amongst all construction companies Manchester is leading the way in showing its green credentials. It’s no longer good enough to simply erect a sign, as clients and residents want to see a commitment to the environment, and they don’t want to be at the mercy of air and noise pollution.

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One way of showing how committed a company is to the environment is to become accredited with internationally recognised standards, such as the ISO 14000 series. This demonstrates that they are not only following international standards, but they are also happy to be audited regularly against those standards, showing that the measures they have in place are sustainable.

Modular and Prefabricated Buildings

Buildings no longer need to be built in-situ, at the mercy of the weather and phased delivery problems. They can be built to specification and delivered partly assembled when they are ready to be installed on-site.

Improved Safety

Responsible construction companies take safety seriously and demonstrate this publicly – they are prepared for accidents and emergency events. They are willing to pay a premium to engage full-time safety professionals as well as invest in the best PPE.

Forward Planning

From Media City to St Michael’s development, Manchester has taken full advantage of the latest innovations in the past decade, and building services are bracing themselves for another ten innovative years. Here are some with agreed planning:

The most successful companies will be the ones that have the confidence in their ability to do something new and to back architects and plans that are outside of the ordinary without compromising on their hard-won reputation for quality.

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