Solutions for your hearing loss

Age, exposure to loud sounds, middle ear infection or even administration of certain drugs can be some of the causes that explain sensory disorders such as hearing loss. In the next lines we propose some alternatives to consider for treating such conditions as those that bring us from Audioactive.

One of every six people over age 50 suffer from hearing loss and needs some help to amplify sounds such as that provided us hearing aids, Sonotones, amplifiers and other hearing aids.

Hearing impairment or hearing loss in the case of children can lead to complications in the development of speech and language when it begins at an early age, which will result in a school performing below the average.

Solutions for your hearing lossHearing deficiency transmission can be produced as a result of problems in the outer and middle ear that prevent the fact that the sound can reach the inner ear.

On the other hand, we can highlight a type of sensor neural generated by damage to the nerve fibers in the inner ear hearing loss, so they end up inhibiting the transmission of necessary information to the brain.

In the case of hearing loss is not perceived treatment available to cure these injuries, because the damage is irreparable neuronal level. In these cases, treatment focuses on improving communication with our partners from the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Hearing solutions to improve your health

In these cases, we have to put ourselves in the hands of specialized professionals in improving our hearing health that can help in this regard to improve our own well – being and develop ourselves in life more comfortably.

In spaces like Audioactive we find that our hearing health aid so badly needed. Its team of professionals with over 10 years experience in the field of audiology, hearing solutions closer as Sonotones, headphones, amplifiers, telephones for hearing aid batteries elderly or for people who have hearing problems holistically.

In his shop, you’ll find some of the latest products of the moment for the deaf, adjusted to some of the most recognized brands in the market in the field of audiology as can be Rayovac, Doro or Amplicomms.

The products listed in its online storefront have two years warranty and have no intermediaries, so close you good quality items at factory prices. In addition to a wide variety of products for people with hearing problems, you’ll also find technical aids designed for deaf and hearing aid accessories very different.

For example, we can look at digital amplifiers, aimed at people with medium to severe hearing loss. These latest models have the appropriate technology so you can control the volume and reduce noise when they deem it appropriate.

Similarly, in Audioactive you can find digital alarm clock for deaf incorporating extra strong vibration for the alarm, plus warning light and a particularly high tone.

As for phones for seniors who can find in this online store, you must know that they are very different forms. You can choose from wireless, fixed or mobile. In any case, all have large keys for easy handling and many of them are compatible with the headset.

Finally, also you have wireless headphones for television. The brand Sennheiser provide you with a clearer sound with up to 100 meters range.

If you look at their website, you can try their products for a period of 15 days, so if you do not like your results, you can return preserving the original packaging. In these cases, you only contact them and Transport Company will come to your home to pick up the product.

Do not forget to take care of your hearing health, your body will thank you enjoying greater well – being in the future, thanks to which you can perceive all the surrounding sounds without complications. What do you think hearing solutions centers like Audioactive?

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