Some amazing examples of what you can turn your garage into

You might think that the only thing your garage is useful for is putting the family car away. However, many people are finding that it is a bit of space that they could be put to much better and productive use. Statistically it appears we’re not using the garage for the car anyway so why not take the plunge? Companies such as the Cheltenham Garage Conversions can offer you a bespoke service to turn that dumping ground into something pretty magical. Let’s have a look at some ideas.

Gym and Games room. Come on now, who amongst the male population has not had a thought that this space would be great to get some retro arcade games, a table football and pool table. Do you remember all that men are from Mars women are from Venus stuff a few years ago? The garage allows you to build that ultimate man cave although it’s a good idea to let the other half come in and have ago as well even if she does regularly beat you at Darts!

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Home Office. Tired of the nine to five, become your own boss! As with the games room its not likely that you will actually have the space within your house to pack all of the items needed namely a desk, computer, pot plants nice executive chair and loads and loads of shelving for your client files. A “You don’t have to mad here up it helps”, sign wouldn’t go a miss either.

A Beauty salon. Not to be outdone with the man cave here is a place that ladies can unwind and pamper themselves as they are, of course, worth it. A nice big cupboard unit for all the products and massage bed for when the masseuse comes around (well, you can dream can’t you) plus a nice dressing table. It’s a great place to go off and get ready without himself being in your ear about how long it’s taking and saying how this would make a nice games room.

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A library and reading room. Not that you’d let anyone borrow them, but this was the thing in a stately home. Get yourself a nice big comfy leather-bound chair and side table for your drink and you can pore over those ancient manuscripts of lore that you’ve collected. Or you can start reading Harry Potter again it’s your choice. Make sure you have a massive “Quiet Please” sign up.

Home Cinema. If you’re not a book worm why not get that huge TV you’ve always wanted and kit it out with the stereo sound system and a row of seats. There are popcorn makers to be had. At least you can pause it and go to the loo without missing anything.

Other ideas include; an Artist studio, try and finally get that Jackson Pollock out of you, a playroom for the kids so you can finally get all their toys out of the house.

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