Start a blog for your business with 5 great reasons

Business blogs have been a staple of successful sites for many years, and it is their enduring presence that proves just how impactful they can be. But why should you add a blog to your site? Here are five more reasons to jump on the blog bandwagon.

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Maximise Conversion Opportunities

Casual visitors to your site who are engaging with your business for the first time may want to see signs that your online presence is something you actively maintain. A regularly updated blog does just that, allowing you to capture potential customers and convert them into loyal clients.  Businesses like lazyjuice who are a Gloucester Vape Shop online appreciate every customer and capture them well on their site, especially with the special offer of free same day delivery.

Earn Links

A great way to improve the search rank of your site is to have plenty of inbound links to it from other reputable sources. If you create compelling, unique posts they are more likely to be shared by third parties, whether via social networking, from related sites or respected media outlets.

Chase Long-Tail Keywords

If you focus solely on ranking for concise keywords, such as the name of your business, then you could be missing out on traffic which would be provided by longer queries and phrases. This can be counteracted by adding blogs which cater to these long-tail keywords, have the advantage of their specificity translating into higher conversion rates.

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Keep Posting

While adding fresh content to a blog is important, it is also necessary to do this so that you can build up a back catalogue of high quality pages which will stick around and continue to generate leads many months or years after they were originally posted.

Generate Conversations

A blog post can be engaging in its own right, but it can be all the more successful if it also affords readers an opportunity to respond with their own views. A comment section lets visitors add their thoughts below a blog and also enables your business to prove how agile it is by replying directly.

Stay Fresh

Google’s ranking tools take into account how regularly a site is updated, with ‘fresher’ sites performing better than their stagnant counterparts. A blog makes this a breeze to achieve.

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