Thank heavens, for the Gas Boiler.

Can you imagine life without a gas boiler? If you’ve ever been in situation where yours has gone off (usually in the winter and during a cold snap, typically) then you’ll know the pain it can cause. You’re cold and the waters not hot for a bath. It is pretty vital then that system is working for you. The best thing to do is get it right first time and a Boiler Installation Cheltenham way or anywhere else in the country will need to be employed. Unless you a qualified boiler engineer and installer don’t try and do this yourself. Not to worry Boiler Installation services provided by the combi man can be a simple click away if you just follow the link just highlighted. What does a boiler do anyway and where did the idea come from?

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Since the dawn of the human race deciding it was a much better idea to try and build a house rather than live in a drafty cave they have sought ways to keep themselves warm and dry. The keeping you and your family clean part doesn’t come into our thoughts until much later funnily enough. It’s the getting warm bit that seems to take the priority. Initially a hole in the roof of the round house or Yurt was good enough but as we began to develop civilisations and communities and stopped all that hunting and gathering business, we realised that something more than a big open fire might be needed. The Romans where the first to make a serious attempt at it with the mosaic and the underfloor heating. The boiler in this case was a slave chucking wood into a massive fire so that the heat was channelled through the hypocaust under the floor. They also used this to heat up the water for their baths as they realised that keeping clean and tidy kept down the chances of disease.

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A modern homes boiler heating system isn’t to dissimilar except the underfloor heating is not as common (but it is making a comeback) and we don’t have a slave to sort the big fire out. Instead, the boiler does the work running on natural gas. The boiler is the fire and it uses the gas to heat the water. This heated water is then channelled by the water pump, like the hot warm air of the hypocaust, through pipes to the radiators on the walls via the heat exchanger. A vital part of your house indeed.

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