The art of clearing a construction site.

You might think that removing rubble and material from a site is a simple matter. You all turn up and begin the process of taking out everything that is not required so that the groundwork can be done. In the past this would have been the work of an army of men but now the job is made much quicker and easier with the introduction of a grab lorry. These handy vehicles can help to clear a site within a few hours.

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The grab lorry, like those from a Grab Lorry Hire Gloucester based firm in this link, really are an ingenious time saver. What they do is allow for a large amount of waste to be taken away quickly and cheaply. They combine the removal space of the lorry with a grabber crane arm situated in the back. This means that you can take a large vehicle on site to pretty much anywhere it is needed.

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Having such a receptacle for waste really speeds up the process. The hydraulic grabber is able to lift copious amounts of rubbish to be placed in the back of the lorry. Rather than have to use several vehicles such as diggers and excavators the grab lorry will get to the problem directly and efficiently.

This has had a dramatic effect on the building industry as it means that sites can be prepped and ready for construction phases a lot quicker than in the past.

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