The benefits of hiring a third-party property inventory company

Being a property agent or landlord involves a lot of paperwork and administration. Documents including housing contracts, credit checks, guarantors, financial deposits and insurance all need to be collated. On top of all that, a comprehensive inventory needs to be drawn up, agreed on and signed before any new tenants can move in.

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If a property inventory is not done properly, it can result in legal disputes, cost thousands of pounds, and involve unpleasant and unsatisfactory experiences for all involved.

Hiring a professional property inventory company will not only give you and your clients peace of mind, but it will also save you time and money and enhance your businesses reputation.

Companies such as CRM for property management propertydeck offer a free, easy-to-use software system for those working in the property business. Paperwork and documents, including inventories, can all be saved and stored effectively to allow staff easy access whenever they need it.

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One of the main benefits of hiring an outside agency is the time it will save. A professional inventory company will be able to assess the condition of a property, check the utilities, and study any items being left in the property. They will assess the condition and working order of equipment and make sure they are listed correctly, in addition to checking that all paperwork is signed and copies are given to both parties before any tenants occupy the property.


Instead of getting involved in disputes over who owes what to whom, a professional inventory company will record all meter readings on the day and ensure copies are signed and given to both parties as soon as possible – usually within 24 hours.

At this time of year, reports of the homelessness crisis in Britain often hit the headlines, and this has been highlighted again recently by reports that only 20% of landlords would consider letting their property to a young person who has been previously been homeless.


There are often disputes over what is simply wear and tear of a property and what is damage. A professional property inventory company will take photographs of the interior in advance, in addition to checking all safety features, including smoke alarms and gas detectors, and ensure all other equipment is working properly and efficiently.


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