The importance of food safety

If you are the owner of a catering business or you sell food in any capacity, food safety is a crucial element of your business. If you fail to comply with food safety guidance and legislation, you could be breaking the law and putting the health of your customers in danger, risking your own reputation and livelihood in the process. Here we look at some of the requirements of food safety legislation and the consequences for non-compliance.

The importance of food safety

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The consequences of poor food safety

Inadequate food safety can have many consequences, one of which is giving your customers food poisoning. Inspections from the environmental health department could lead to prosecution if legislation is found to have been breached. The NHS has published very detailed guidance on how to store various foods safely and has detailed the consequences of failing to follow the guidelines. It is important to have a thorough understanding of these rules and make sure they are enforced so that you do not sicken anyone.

Basic food safety

One very important aspect of optimum food safety pertains to the storage and preparation of food. Prior to preparing food, it is vital to ensure that surfaces are clean and that hands have been washed thoroughly. You should always check the temperature of cooked food to ensure that is has been cooked all the way through. Cooked and raw food alike must be stored in the right way and at the right temperature to avoid instances of food poisoning. The Food Standards Agency has published some guidance on temperature control to support the legislation that is in place in the UK and the EU.

If you are in the catering trade, it is advisable to use commercial refrigeration such as that available from FFD Ltd. Larger fridges mean more room for storing food and will help you to keep raw and cooked foods separate, thereby reducing the health risks.

If you want your kitchen or catering business to thrive, food safety is every bit as important as having a good business plan and a desirable location. A single food poisoning incident can give your establishment a bad reputation, so it is important to ensure that your staff is well-versed in food safety practices and puts them into action every day.

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