The most amazing horse that raced.

Only people of a certain age will know how amazing Red Rum really was. He was the greatest race horse and is considered to be the best that ever lived. His performances would certainly make the work of Cheltenham Marketing Agency job a lot easier and he never even raced at Cheltenham! “Rummy” was a Grand National horse and he made that race his own doing something that will probably never be repeated in the modern era of horse racing.

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It is incredible to think that one horse could actually win the race 3 times and come second twice. This s is even more of achievement when you remember that the fences at Aintree where higher longer and had more pronounced drops like that at Beechers Brook on the landing side. The Grand National Is still a dangerous race for a horse and rider even in this day and age but back then there was not nearly as much attention paid to how the horses were supposed to far in relation to the course. Although at least they don’t have the wall jump any more that got replaced by the water ump in eighteen forty.

Rummy won it in Nineteen seventy-three and nineteen seventy four he is the only horse to win it consecutively. What is even more remarkable is that he could have won it in Nineteen seventy five and Nineteen seventy six as well! Imagine that, four years on the trot, not a great day for the bookies that would have been. Red Rum obviously knew the race track inside out by that stage. He took his third win in Nineteen seventy-seven to a glorious and rapturous round of cheering and applause that he almost seemed to stop to acknowledge. Understandably he took an early retirement after that, he certainly deserved it as he had never fallen in 100 racers and had been riding by the best including such greats as Lester Piggott.

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He still made many public appearances as he was very much in demand to be seen. The horse was taken to the nations heart fully and he seem as real British hero. He was a regular feature at the National ever year even showing that like he’d have to have a go round the old course. If he wasn’t there he could be seen opening a new supermarket drawing huge crowds. At one point he even turned on the illuminations at Blackpool in one of the most attended openings ever. Red Rum lived to be the ripe old age of 30, quite ancient for a horse. His death was reported with banner headlines. He was buried at the winner’s post at Aintree and a Statue was erected in honour of this incredible horse.

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