The problems with a flat roof. What to consider.

There are many advantages to have a flat roof installed over a more conventional sloped roof. Firstly, they are cheaper as they do not require the same amount of work and craftmanship as sloped roof nor do they take as long to install. Modern roofs now use a form of galvanised rubber material called EDPM which is extremely effective over the old-fashioned approach of using felt.  The second most popular advantage choice is that they will give you more room as there will not be the same need for a stronger roof space to support the weight of the sloped option. There are companies such as the Plymouth Flat Roofing firm available at who can certainly give you some advice and quotes but before you commit it might be an idea to see what are the hazards involved in a flat roof. All of these are avoidable but it’s a good idea to be aware of them.

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Insuring a flat roof can be a slightly costlier option as they can lead, if left untreated to some of the issues we are about to look at later in this article. Be assured there are companies that do not see this as and issue and will glad look to insure you as long as certain criteria are met. It should be noted that the roof will not be truly flat as they all have a slight angle and pitch to them to ensure that the following do not happen. Having said that is may be an idea to get the roof check at least once a year after the Winter or before to ensure that all is ok.

  1. This is where small to large puddles occur on the surface of the roof resulting in the possibility that it will soak through. If traditional felt is used, then that will likely happen but EDPM is a much more robust material and is impervious to moisture. If this happens a few drains installed or a change to the roof slope if required in extreme circumstances.
  2. Again, an issue certainly with older felt roofs. This is where, in similar circumstance to a human blister air builds up behind and underneath the surface. This raises up the surface and there is chance it will rupture allowing water to get in over the course of time. It usually means a replacement of the material and clean and reseal of the area.
  3. We keep coming back the subject of felt but again this is more susceptible to it over the more modern material. This occurs usually after bad weather especially the cold which can freeze the edges of the surface or make slight rips worse.

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If you can it’s a good idea to get up on the flat roof, making sure you have planks down to avoid any damage. Regular cleaning and clearing of foreign material is a good idea. Many people use a leaf blower.

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