The Top 10 Most Common IT Support Issues

As more businesses turn to e-commerce to sell services, having a stable IT platform is an increasingly critical component of any successful organisation.

The Top 10 Most Common IT Support Issues

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However, the more sophisticated a firm’s IT suite becomes, the more difficult it can be to manage recurring issues and ensure systems run smoothly.

Experts, including Forbes and Wix, have identified a range of issues threatening businesses.

The following are the top problems experienced by firms locally, requiring great Southgate IT support to resolve. The good news is that having an effective and responsive IT partner, such as, will resolve all of these issues, freeing your business to focus upon ongoing sustainability in your industry.


As businesses grow, it can be tough to keep track of user IDs and passwords. Firms have a growing number of unused authentication IDs, impacting security and leading to unauthorised access.

Software Expansion

IT platforms have to expand in line with the increasing resource demands for customer data and functionality. Firms with systems which are not scalable can find themselves faced with a challenge when they upgrade, using systems which can’t scale up.


If systems security isn’t updated, it can lead to a risk of being attacked or people having access without permission.


Unprotected systems and unstable servers can bring IT platforms down, leaving employees unable to do their jobs.

Poor Document Management

Knowledge management requires effective systems for a taxonomy and library of data and clear methods of management to ensure information is handled efficiently and securely.

Unreliable Restores

Without an effective framework in place, restoring data can be patchy and unreliable.

Malware and Spyware

Viruses and malware are being developed all the time, and it’s tough to ensure systems remain resilient against increasingly sophisticated bugs designed to affect hardware and compromise data security and confidentiality.

Information Loss

Without data management, back-up and storage, company information can be lost, with no way of restoring it to safeguard intellectual property.

Poor Patch Management

Software upgrades are constantly developed to fix glitches. Unless you have a strong schedule for effective patch identification and installation, systems could be affected.


If firms do not have regular housekeeping across their IT systems, things can get sluggish and slow, directly impacting profitability and effective resource management.

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