The wonderful world of  Wills

When it comes to thinking of our own existence no-one wants to think about a time when they will no longer be around. It is hard for us to comprehend and for some people it fills them with a lifetime of anxiety – the existential dread that we feel at some point in our lives. Some people find that this worry spurs them on to achieve their dream job or perhaps starting a family and living in their favourite part of the world and beautiful home. For others it may be giving back to those less fortunate than themselves or volunteering for a worthwhile cause.

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One thing that almost everyone wants to ensure when they are no longer inhabiting this earth is that their hard earnt money and savings and special belongings are passed onto their loved ones. In order to make sure that this happens it is incredibly important to make contact with a Cheltenham wills and probate  company such as to make a will. Many people think that all of their possessions and money will naturally be passed onto their spouse or children upon their passing but this is not the case. There have been instances where money and other parts of a deceased person’s estate have been given to the government rather than to their loved one.

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In order to make your will it is important that you consider who you want to have as the executors. These are the individuals that will ensure that you wishes are carried out and this could include how you want your funeral to take place, where you are to be buried as well as how your estate is to be divided up by a variety of different individuals. You can then state in your will how you want your money to be divided, whether you are leaving any money in trust for your children or grandchildren and whether you are making any legacy donations to charities that are dear to your heart. You can also make provision for any special items that you have as well as ensure how your children will be looked after should something happen to both you and your spouse at the same time.

It is incredibly important that you consider all of the options available to you and ask your advisor, such as the one above, any questions that you may have.

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