There’s Even a Cocktail Called the Buggy Whip!

The Buggy Whip – some may know this as a handy piece of safety equipment to make your vehicle visible. However, there is now a cocktail of the same name, and it is deliciously refreshing!

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The Buggy Whip cocktail is a summery delight which wouldn’t even seem out of place at Wimbledon on a stifling hot day. Not only is it full of delicious strawberries, but it has a classy few drops of rosewater to elevate this alcoholic treat to the next level.

How to Create This Taste-Bud-Tingling Cocktail

Slice up a few strawberries (two or three) into a tall glass and sprinkle over a generous pinch of sugar, followed by the same amount of rock salt. Add in a dash (25ml) of Campari, another dash of sherry (a good-quality sherry such as Tio Pepe is recommended) and two drops of some rosewater. Be careful not to pour any more rosewater than the two drops, as it can become quite overpowering. Fill up the glass with a generous amount of ice (as much as you can get in the glass will be fine!) before topping up the glass with some chilled tonic water. If you are feeling flush, pop a nice wedge of lemon on the edge of that glass, and voila! You have a Buggy Whip, ready for devouring – and not just on a summer’s day, but any day you feel like treating yourself.

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Mixology is not only fun for you and your friends, but it is an art form! Try for more lip-smacking cocktail recipes.

Buggy Whips and Their Other Uses

When not being used to describe a delicious cocktail, the buggy whip can be a useful piece of equipment. Buggy whips are used to make sure that vehicles are easily seen, such as on a work site, in bad weather, or for smaller and less noticeable vehicles like bicycles. They provide that extra reassurance of safety and can be bought from They are flexible, bright and have reflective flags on the end.

While the buggy whip may turn heads from a safety point of view, the cocktail is sure to turn heads too – your friends will be gasping to try a refreshing and tasty Buggy Whip ‘whipped up’ by you with your impressive cocktail-making skills!

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