Tips on how to choose the right building company

The decision to call in the builders for a renovation or remodelling project is not one to be taken lightly and could be costly. Which is why choosing the right firm is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and end up living in a building site for months. Here are some useful tips for choosing the right builders for your property project.

What work do you need?

Many smaller jobs can probably be attempted by yourself. For all your DIY needs, visit an online DIY store like  For anything bigger or regulated, you’ll want to call in the professionals who specialise in that field of work. Make sure the companies you contact have the experience and insurance to carry out the specific work that you require.

The cheapest option is seldom the best. Yes, we all like to save but when it comes to serious building work, a very low quote should ring alarm bells. You could find some nasty surprises further into the project if they’ve failed to correct costs for materials or labour. You might also end up with sub-standard quality in the materials used for the work.

Tips on how to choose the right building company

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It pays to know who you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis as a great deal of communication is required with building projects. Depending on the size of the job, the builders could be with you for some time, so a good working relationship is crucial. Communication is important in any project so make sure you know who your primary contact will be.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any part of the process you’re not clear about – after all, it’s your property and your money funding the work! It’s also vital you understand everything that appears on your quote to prevent any nasty surprises which could cause future financial burdens. Prepare a detailed brief for your builder so they know exactly what you’re willing to spend on particular items, otherwise your budget could be spiral out of control before completion of the project.

Tips on how to choose the right building company2

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When it comes to making the right decision on which company to use, do your research as much as possible. If you can, find current or previous clients to ask about work and service levels. Go and see the projects that they’ve worked on before with your own eyes. Read online reviews to see genuine customer feedback and if you find them on sites such as Checkatrade, trustedtraders, and trustpilot, these should provide with plenty of information about trustworthiness and professionalism. Traditional methods are just as effective, and most companies still rely on the old-fashioned word-of-mouth recommendation.

Lastly, ensure you check your builder’s insurance cover. It’s vital that they have comprehensive insurance to protect themselves against personal injury, property damage and public liability to protect you and anyone else near on your property. If they can’t show you with these details, then alarm bells should be ringing, and you should be looking for another firm of builders.

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