Top 10 Products to Improve Van Security

With tradesmen relying on their vans for transport and storage, it’s important that their vehicles are secure. Here are ten products that can help to keep vehicles and equipment safe.

Top 10 Products to Improve Van Security

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1. Vehicle Tracker

Stolen vehicles are rarely recovered, but location trackers, which send details of a vehicle’s location to the police, are helping these cases and are available from £250.

2. Stoplock

A Stoplock is used as a thief deterrent, as it prevents doors being opened with a pry bar. Costing around £40, this is an inexpensive but effective security method.

3. Catalytic Converter Lock

Catalytic converter thefts are popular because of their resale value (see Though the lock comes at a price (approximately £175), it’s an invaluable tool for many.

Top 10 Products to Improve Van Security2

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4. Van Vault Storage Chest

For just £120, a small fee when you consider the value of your tools, you can purchase a secure chest in a variety of designs that protects your assets.

5. Disklok

The Disklok, which costs upwards of £99, is a police-recommended device that protects the steering wheel when in a locked position. An additional benefit of one of these devices is that it can even reduce your insurance premium.

6. Deadlocks

A series of locks for vans are available to ensure added security of doors. You can browse a range of deadlocks, which vary in price, at

7. Window Film

No matter how much you try to conceal them, valuable items will be on show inside your vehicle at one time or another. By having a security film installed on your windows, you can prevent thieves from smashing your windows to steal your goods.

8. Sparelock

Imagine your surprise when your tyre goes flat and you find that your spare has gone missing. With Sparelock, you can be sure that your spare wheel is fastened in place. At £50, it costs less than a brand new wheel and getting your vehicle recovered.

9. Nextbase Cam

Nextbase cams can be mounted out of sight of prying eyes and can help to catch criminals or vandals and even record footage of any accidents on the road.

10. SafeClamp

The SafeClamp costs about £50 and provides a lockable system to keep your ladder secured to the roof of your vehicle without interfering with loading and unloading it when required.

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