A review at schools energy efficiency

When looking for a new house there are a number of important factors that are usually at the top of the wish list. Some of these are good broadband, parking space, roof insulation and a garden. Although many would expect good schools nearby would be a high concern for homebuyers, new studies have revealed that a high energy efficiency is rated as more important.

UK Home Buyers Rate Energy Efficiency Above Good Schools2

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Good Mobile Phone Connections

Some of the most important aspects of a new home also include double glazing and good mobile phone connections. In contrast, a garage is not as big a requirement as a garden, while period features and conservatories are no longer important. More people are looking to modern homes with period features less important. Some homebuyers even modernise a house to remove the features as they can be seen as hard to upkeep.

Open plan living is also not as important as it used to be ten years ago. More people are favouring smaller rooms and more of them. One reason for this is that more people are living together with extended families living under one roof, and adult children still living at home due to spiralling house prices. This increases the demand for privacy.

UK Home Buyers Rate Energy Efficiency Above Good Schools

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Double Glazing

Plenty of electrical sockets are always on home buyers’ wish lists, along with secure doors and windows. Security is a top priority, as is noise reduction. This is why double glazing is a number one concern for home buyers. Whether you are looking for double glazing in Gloucester or another area, there are plenty of firms such as Double Glazing Gloucester  Company, who can install high quality double glazing to reduce outside noise in your home.

Double glazing is seen as a must have by most home buyers, especially for rooms at the front of the house which face the street. Double glazing on the back of the house by the garden is not as important, though some home owners are still looking to double glaze these windows to give extra quietness and added insulation. Double glazing is also a good way to make your home more energy efficient.

Double glazed windows help reduce heat loss significantly so this is a good thing to consider if you are looking to make your home more energy efficient and cut down on heating bills.

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